Portfolio Companies
Aquea Scientific's Aquea Delivery SystemTM is a unique achievement protected by six patents and, more importantly, it is beneficial. The Aquea Delivery System is the impetus that created an entirely new WashOnTM category in personal care products that enables efficacious active ingredients to remain on skin and hair even after thorough cleansing.  The Aquea Delivery System is the basis of the revolutionary introductory product, AqueaSPFTM, the first fully functional wash-on UVA / UVB sunscreen for everyday use.  Aquea Scientific is also developing, in coordination with some of the world’s largest personal care companies, new proprietary and custom ingredients to expand its offerings beyond sunscreen.  For further information, please visit www.aqueascientific.com.
GoFish is a leading entertainment and media company with a focus on reaching kids, teens and moms.  It specializes in aggregating, and distributing premium content on a large network of quality sites for which GoFish is the exclusive brand advertising monetization partner. It reaches more than 20 million users domestically, and over 66 million worldwide, currently ranking as the third largest youth opportunity and a top five ‘mom’ opportunity for blue-chip advertisers.  For further information visit www.gofish.com.

Cylex® is a life science company that manufactures and develops patented in vitro diagnostic products for the assessment of immunity. These products have utility for physicians treating life-threatening diseases or conditions who seek to optimize therapy through individualized management of a patient’s immune system, thereby reducing side effects, improving clinical response and quality of life. ImmuKnow™ - the Cylex® Immune Cell Function Assay is intended to be used as an adjunct to post-transplantation drug level monitoring along with other clinical indicators. Cylex’s patented platform technology will also provide an innovative approach for measuring immune activity in AIDS and cancer patients, and those with infectious diseases, autoimmune or other immune system disorders.  For further information, visit www.cylex.net.


Proto Software, Inc., is the developer of a next-generation business intelligence platform called Proto, which provides the financial industry with a more powerful set of tools to analyze data, gain situational awareness and solve the problems that come up "in the trenches." Drawing on decades of experience in the financial technology marketplace, Proto is The Visual Information Studio that makes a spreadsheet look like a calculator, provides a new way for frontline users to build custom business intelligence apps in minutes, and is available desk-by-desk, no rollout necessary.  For further information, visit www.protosw.com. 

Pivot Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of technology solutions and the developer of IMTrader™, a revolutionary securities trading platform that combines instant messaging and multi-network electronic trading. As the company that pioneered electronic trading and instant messaging, Pivot Solutions is the recognized leader in the development and implementation of innovative technologies to automate and streamline electronic trading and instant messaging to deliver value and results for the trading community. For more information, visit www.imtrader.com. 
The NewsMarket, Inc. offers a video archive and distribution platform that enables its corporate clients to distribute video content to the news media.  The NewsMarket’s proprietary video content management platform offers a fully automated, web-based channel for global distribution of high-bandwidth, broadcast-standard video files. The system enables journalists to preview and select just the clips they need, acquiring them instantly via digital download and bypassing traditional cumbersome methods of video content acquisition such as satellite and tape-by-mail delivery.  Clients include Motorola, Nissan, Adobe, the American Lung Association and General Motors.  For further information, visit www.thenewsmarket.com.
Precision Therapeutics, Inc. is a personalized cancer management services company. Its patented ChemoFX Assay is used to successfully grow human tumor-derived cells in culture and then test these cells for drug sensitivity and/or resistance. The results provide medical and surgical oncologists with patient-specific tumor information that may provide additional insight into optimal therapy options when determining the appropriate course of treatment for an individual patient. The company also provides services to the biopharmaceutical industry to improve the selection of effective drugs and responsive tumors to significantly decrease drug development costs.  For further information, visit www.precisiontherapeutics.com.

AgraQuest, Inc. develops and markets environmentally friendly biological pesticides and fungicides for high value agricultural crops.  Promising products have been identified by the Company’s proprietary high throughput screening system.  Serenade, the first product discovered through this process, is a novel biofungicide that is effective in controlling a broad spectrum of plant diseases.  The company also has a strong pipeline of products under development, several of which are nearing marketing approval.  For further information, visit www.agraquest.com.
Realized Investments

Guardent, Inc., the leader in managed security services, combines managed security services with vendor independent consulting to provide better information security at a lower operational cost than can be achieved through an organization's internal staff. Guardent brings together an unmatched team of business, security and privacy experts from organizations such as Prudential, Bank of America, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM Global Services, Deloitte & Touche, Andersen Consulting, Internet Security Systems, Lucent, Sapient, the NSA, the National Security Council, and the White House.

***In February, 2004 Guardent was acquired by Verisign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN).

Home Healthcare Laboratory of America (HHLA) is a specialty laboratory that provides custom clinical lab services to the home healthcare industry. Through a combination of proprietary technology and services, HHLA is providing significant enhancements to critical clinical diagnostic logistics and results reporting while offering its customers significant operating and financial savings. The company also provides a unique "at home" testing system designed for the disease management market. For further information, visit www.hhla.com.

***In August, 2007 HHLA was acquired by Laboratory Corp America (NYSE: LH).